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Yuri Petrovski - Spring
Da Sunlounge - Stronger
Christopher Groove - Animales de la Maņana
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Johnny Vicious ft. Myndy K. - Moments
Andrey Djackondo - Budapest
Tonkproject - When You Don't Know (Moti Mix)
S.W. - Move It (76 Treatment Mix)
Bimbo Jones & Beverley Knight - I Found Out (S. Carter Mix)
Eddie Richards - M'Baby
Ross Couch - Tonight
Late Nite Tuff Guy - Go For That (LNTG Mix)
Koss vs. Minilogue - One
Cassady - Conquering Lion
From P60 - Midnight Fashion
Stereociti - Water Strider
Bryan Zentz - Redfield
Martin Schulte - Researches Of Depths
David Alvarado - She
Sally Shapiro - I'll Be By Your Side (TS Mix)